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Ancillary equipment like heaters, chillers, pumps, and vacuum pumps are very important components of a successful cannabis extraction lab. Cannabis extraction chillers are used to chill solvents used in extraction processes. Chillers are typically connected to jacketed solvent tanks, cooling coils and heat exchangers to chill the solvent before the solvent is mixed with the cannabis or hemp material that is being extracted.

The Importance of Ancillary Equipment

The temperature of the solvent affects what compounds are pulled from the biomass. The colder the solvent, the better the quality of the extract. A colder solvent allows extractors to pull cannabinoids without pulling undesirable compounds like fats, waxes, lipids, etc. Chilling the solution too cold can also slow down the process, so it is important to have chillers that can maintain the desired temperature with the amount of solvent and cannabis extract. Chillers are also be used in the recovery process along with heaters.

Cannabis heaters are used to heat solvent into a vapors to separate the solvent from the extracted material. This process of evaporation is commonly revered to as solvent recovery.  This is where the solvent (ethanol, butane, propane, etc.) is separated from the Cannabis or Hemp oil and recovered to be recycled and reused in the extraction process. 

Cannabis Extraction Chillers

Properly pairing heating and cooling power is essential for effective cannabis extraction. Cannabis extraction requires precise temperature control to achieve the desired results. Cannabis chillers are commonly used in extraction equipment to cool down solvents. Properly chilled extraction solvent allows for an effective extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes, and prevents unwanted extraction of undesirable compounds.

If chillers are too small, it may not be able to maintain the required low temperature, leading to poor quality extracts. Undersized chillers for cannabis extraction can also increase the amount of time it takes to pre chill the extraction solvent, increasing the amount of time extractors must wait between runs. Improperly paired chillers can cause the extraction equipment to underperform what manufacturers claim their machines will do.

Properly sized extraction chillers are an incredibly important part of any efficient cannabis extraction lab. 

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