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C1D1 Extraction Labs: Extraction Booths vs Containerized Labs

When it comes to C1D1 extraction labs, there are two main options that extractors can chose from – traditional C1D1 rooms, and C1D1 extraction containers. Traditional C1D1 extraction rooms are typically built within a building, and constructed of steel panels that create the room. Containerized C1D1 labs, on the other hand, are complete extraction labs built out of a shipping container. There are many benefits of using a C1D1 extraction container for your lab. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of C1D1 extraction containers so that you can make the best decision for your business!

What’s the Difference?

When comparing traditional vs. containerized extraction labs, there are key differences between the two. Traditional extraction labs are typically built within a building, and consist of steel panels that create the enclosure. These pre-fabricated wall panels are delivered with a full set of engineered plans, and instructions for installation. Typically, extractors will hire a general contractor to construct the room. The rooms are simple to build, and can usually be installed within 1-3 days depending on the size of the extraction lab. The building process includes erecting the walls and connecting the panels together to create a room. After the room is complete the explosion proof components need to be installed. This includes lighting, gas monitors, alarms and a control panel that controls the room and the equipment running inside of it.

Extraction Lab
10×20 C1D1 Extraction Lab

Containerized extraction labs, on the other hand, are complete extraction labs that are built out of a shipping container. When these extraction labs are delivered, they are fully built out by our team. The lab comes “turnkey” in the sense that it is ready to run upon delivery. All the extractor needs to do is plug the extraction lab into a main power lug, and connect it to water and sewer. All the components required to be C1D1 compliant are already installed into the lab partition of the container. When running extraction equipment, there are certain pieces that need to be inside the C1D1 explosion proof room, and some pieces of equipment that cannot. For example, the butane extractor needs to be in the explosion proof room, but the chillers that are used to cool solvent for the extraction process cannot be in the C1D1 lab. These pieces of equipment are not explosion proof, and in the event of an accident would be a hazard to have inside. For a full look at one of our C1D1 Containerized Labs installed with Hydrocarbon Extraction equipment, check out this video.


Benefits of C1D1 Extraction Containers

One of the biggest benefits to a C1D1 container over a traditional extraction lab is their ability to be set as a free standing structure. When H&H builds C1D1 containers, they are fully engineered and stamped in all disciplines. This means that they meet the code for whatever municipality they are being delivered to for structural, mechanical, and electrical code requirements. This makes the permitting process extremely quick and easy. Typically, when the container is delivered, a contractor will come out and install the power to the electrical panel in the container. Once this is done, a local authority will come out and perform an inspection. This inspection will ensure that the electrical was installed correctly, and will also ensure that everything within the extraction lab is operating correctly.

Another benefit of using a C1D1 container for your extraction lab is that it is a movable asset. In the event that your business moves, expands, or changes directions for any reason the lab can be put on a truck and moved to a new location or sold as a turnkey solution. When building a traditional extraction lab into a building, you are adding on to the existing infrastructure that may be leased, or may be sold to a different type of business that the extraction lab would not add value to.

C1D1 extraction labs are great for extractors who have limited space, and want to keep the infrastructure they have available. Many of our customers are growers who have buildings or greenhouses, but they are using them for cultivation. These cultivators simply need to pour concrete piers, and set a container next to their existing building.

Advantages of C1D1 Rooms

While there are a great deal of benefits to extractors looking for containerized extraction labs, there are a few drawbacks. First, you’re limited to the size of shipping containers. This means your lab can be 8’x20′ or 8’x40′. Traditional C1D1 extraction rooms can be built to the exact dimensions needed for the equipment or building constraints that a processor has. While H&H offers standard size C1D1’s, we can also complete custom projects for any space!

Another advantage of C1D1 extraction labs is they are more economical than C1D1 extraction containers. While container C1D1 labs are slightly more expensive, it can be argued that extractors get more “bang for their buck” and have a more liquid asset, as the container comes with all the C1D1 requirements pre-installed, and it can be sold more easily than a panel style room.

Whether you’re looking for a containerized or traditional extraction lab, H&H has you covered. We are experts in extraction and will help analyze your business and extraction goals to make sure you end up with the right solution for your business. Reach out to us today to find out which extraction lab is right for you!

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