H&H is a supplier and distributor of high-purity extraction grade solvents. We offer a range of organic solvents including 200 proof denatured ethanol and 190 proof denatured ethanol. Our extraction grade ethanol (CDA 12A) is denatured with 4.5% high-purity n-heptane. Ethanol is typically used to product a Full Plant Extract or Full Spectrum Oil. These products are often further refined and are commonly used in edible products like tinctures and gummies.

H&H also offers high-purity Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). We offer standard products including 99.5%+ pure n-butane, isobutane, and propane, along with standard and custom blends. Hydrocarbons like butane and propane are most commonly used for smokable hash products. These concentrates include live resin, wax, THC diamonds, shatter, and more.

For more information on extraction solvents, how they’re used and what products they make, check out our blog.

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