H&H’s hydrocarbon extraction systems are built with extractors in mind. Our economical and professional closed loop extractors are designed for efficiency and safety and are suitable for butane extraction and propane extraction.

Our standard systems include 5lb & 10lb hydrocarbon extractors. Our 5lb hydrocarbon extractor, the 5EX-PR is suitable for beginners and experts alike who are looking for an affordable entry to the cannabis extraction market. This 5lb hydrocarbon extractor is capable of extraction 1-7 lbs per hour. Our 10lb butane extractor, the 10EX-PR, is a step up in size capable of extracting 1-15lbs per hour. 

H&H Extraction Solutions’ equipment offerings are designed in a collaborative effort by top tier engineers and extraction artists. Driven by first hand experience, we design, engineer and manufacture equipment that optimizes process flow and efficiency. H&H aims to alleviate common bottlenecks found in our competitor’s offerings, making the extraction process more logical and user friendly. With standard offerings and the option for customization, H&H provides processors unique and suitable options to produce top quality extracts at scale.

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