10 EX-PR Hydrocarbon Extractor

The 10EX-PR is a passive recovery hydrocarbon extractor for use with butane and propane designed with complete modularity and scalability in mind. Our modular design with integrated manifolded header process piping systems allow for system expansion by adding additional solvent tanks, material and collection/recovery modules easily as your extraction needs expand.


1-15 lbs material per run (based on run size & material type)

Run Time:
50-60 minutes

Up to 100lbs / 8 hour shift

137″ L x 30″ W x 78″ H
Customizable configuration based on lab space

C1D1 Compliant, ICC Compliant, IFC Compliant, Designed for cGMP Integration


Solvent Columns

Three 6x48” jacketed solvent columns with internal cooling coils

Material Columns

Two 6x36 jacketed material columns with spray ball inlet 


One 24” CRC column – includes: two 6” weld in filter plates and spray ball inlet

Collection Column

One 6x48” jacketed collection column. Removable jacketed collection base with 1/2” discharge port

Molecular Sieve

One 2x30” molecular sieve column


Two Stainless steel fusion bonded plate heat exchangers for passive solvent recovery & chilling

  • ½” LPG supply lines on headers
  • Two ½” lines for dedicated vacuum and nitrogen headers
  • 1” solvent recovery lines
  • Sanitary stainless hard piping with high pressure sanitary tri-clamp connections
  • Static dissipating soft lines

Designed for passive solvent recovery

Save thousands in up front costs by eliminating the need for a solvent recovery pump. Reduce energy costs over time.

Recover butane, propane, or your preferred hydrocarbon
blends without the use of a gas compressor.

Passive solvent recovery
utilizes heating and cooling to evaporate and condense the solvent to
separate it from the extract.


Modular design allows for the addition of solvent & material columns for increased capacities.

Double jacketed tanks allow processors to extract at cryogenic temperatures extracting more cannabinoids and less of the undesirable compounds like fat, waxes, chlorophyll, and lipids.

It also allows processors to maintain the temperature of solvent with less power consumption.

produce the most popular bho extracts

Diamonds, Live Resin, Sauce, Sugar, Wax, and more. 

Use H&H's hydrocarbon extractor to produce the most popular butane extracts on the market. For more information about BHO extracts, check out our blog

Closed Loop Hydrocarbon Extractor

Save Money with Passive Recovery

Passive solvent recovery allows for distillation of butane, propane or blends of the two hydrocarbon solvents without the use of a gas compressor. Passive solvent recovery utilizes vapor pressure created by heating the solvent to evaporate it from the cannabis oil that has been extracted and cooling the solvent via heat exchangers condensing the solvent from a gas back to a liquid into the solvent holding columns for continued re-use in the extraction process.

Jacketed solvent tanks with internal cooling coils allow processors to extract at cryogenic temperatures optimizing extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes while reducing the extraction of  undesirable compounds from the plant material.

Profession Engineer peer reviewed and technical report in accordance with: International Code Counsel (ICC) 2018 International Fire Code (IFC) Chapter 39 section 3904 Processing and Extraction Facilities subset Systems and Equipment.

The perfect machine for all BHO products.

H&H Extraction Solutions’ hydrocarbon extractors produce the most popular and valuable BHO (butane hash oil) products on the market today. Check out some of our favorite butane extracts including: Batter, Diamonds, Live Resin, Sauce, Shatter, Sugar, and Wax. For more information on BHO extraction and the different types of hydrocarbon extracts – check out our blog.

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