200 Proof USP Grade Ethanol Denatured with Pure Grade N-Heptane

If you’re looking for a high-quality 200-proof USP grade ethanol denatured with pure grade n-heptane, look no further!

Cannabis extraction professionals trust our product to give them the best results, and we’re confident you will.

Our product will meet your needs whether you’re new to cannabis extraction or a seasoned pro.

Our pure grade n-heptane helps ensure optimal results, and our 200-proof USP grade ethanol provides the highest purity and potency.

Cannabis extraction with ethanol is considered safe and effective, and the resulting product is highly potent.

Grade 200 proof USP ethanol is denatured with pure grade N-heptane and is ideal for extractions. It’s also great for cleaning glassware and other equipment.

Heptane is a colorless, flammable liquid with a strong odor. It’s often used as a solvent or fuel and can be extracted from petroleum. N-Heptane is not considered an environmental hazard and is safe to use in Cannabis extractions.

Trust us for all your cannabis extraction needs – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


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