Ethanol Extraction Systems


Facility footprint and budget are the most prevalent constraints when designing Ethanol Extraction Systems. H&H works hand in hand with clients’ and our engineers to design competitively priced ethanol extraction systems based on our clients’ desired processing capacity.

Ethanol extraction systems are utilized for medium to large-scale processing solutions. Products manufactured from ethanol extraction are Full Spectrum Crude Cannabis Oil. The Full Spectrum Crude Oil can be incorporated into infused products but is typically further refined in downstream processes such as molecular distillation, producing high potency Cannabinoid Distillate.


Centrifuge – Basket-style centrifuges are a great option for medium and large-scale ethanol extraction. Extractors can extract cannabinoids efficiently and finish the process with a spin-dry cycle removing and recovering 95-97% of the ethanol from your plant material.

Custom Solutions – For large-scale processors or operators who desire a more continuous and automated process, H&H designs continuous automated processing systems to meet your needs while maintaining efficient cannabinoid extraction.

Storing clean solvents and extracted products during manufacturing is key to efficient processing.

Membrane Filtration Technology – H&H utilizes proprietary membrane filtration technology to eliminate 90%+ of the fats, waxes, and lipids present in the crude extract

Traditional Winterization-

These techniques are often slower in the process but less capital-intensive.

Rising Film Evaporator – Utilizing rising film evaporation technology to separate the solvent from cannabis or hemp extract. This is an efficient method of recovering solvent from solutions created in the extraction process. The separated solvent will be recycled and reused for ongoing extraction.

Decarboxylation Evaporator – The final stage of evaporation will allow for a reactor-style evaporator accompanied by a tube and shell heat exchanger to recover the remaining amounts of solvent from the extract. During this process the agitated evaporator can be used to decarboxylate the cannabinoids prior to distillation.

We recommend all systems be integrated with sanitary stainless steel process piping. Not only does this meet 3A sanitary standards, but it also allows seamless integration of your manufacturing line and a clean look in your facility.

Temperature Control Units – Ethanol Extraction systems need heaters and chillers to perform the evaporative processes required to recover and reuse your solvent. H&H will properly size these units for maximum efficiency while providing UL/ETL-listed components from our ancillary equipment suppliers.

Liquid Transfer Pumps – Sanitary centrifugal pumps accompanied by variable frequency drives (VFD’s) are a great way to move both clean solvents and extract throughout your system. When appropriately configured, liquid transfer pumps provide ease of use in your extraction system.

Other Features:

C1D2 compliant

Sanitary Stainless

Engineer Peer Reviewed

UL,ETL or CSA Certified electrical components


  • High Throughput – Ethanol extraction has higher throughput capabilities than other extraction methods, making it a more efficient choice for businesses looking to produce large volumes of cannabis and hemp extracts.
  • Cost Efficient – Compared to other extraction equipment, ethanol extraction equipment is generally more cost-effective to build, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to set up an extraction facility on a budget.
  • Food Grade Extraction Solvent – Ethanol is a food-grade solvent that has been designated as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration, ensuring that the resulting extract is safe for consumption.
  • Solvent Limits – Ethanol generally has higher solvent storage limits than hydrocarbons allowing extractors to buy larger quantities, and keep more solvent on hand for extraction. 


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Ethanol Extraction Systems

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