Huber T305

Unistat technology guarantees precise, reproducible temperature control results, the shortest possible heating and cooling times and large temperature ranges without requiring fluid change.

All Unistats are fitted with the innovative Pilot ONE controller with a 5.7“ touchscreen color display and easy menu navigation.

All essential parameters can be seen at a glance, and temperature curves are displayed in graphic real time.

Unistats are equipped with the most up-to-date pump technology for optimal heat transfer. The pump self-regulates to ensure the best possible circulation and flow, and the pump’s soft start-up feature protects delicate glass reactors from breakage. Unistat technology impresses due to economic operation with reduced operating costs and efficient energy management.

Because Unistats are hydraulically sealed, the service life of the temperature control fluid is dramatically increased by preventing oil loss through vapors and oxidation, further saving resources.

Unistats are fitted with extensive safety equipment and are, therefore, suitable for unsupervised continuous operation.

Relevant operating conditions are constantly monitored, the system is switched off if necessary, or the emergency cooling circuit is activated with the process safety feature.  

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