Solvent Recovery & Decarboxylation

Ethanol Recovery

Rising Film Evaporator –Utilizing rising film evaporation technology to separate the solvent from cannabis or hemp extract. This is an efficient method of recovering solvent from solutions created in the extraction process. The separated solvent will be recycled and reused for ongoing extraction.

Decarboxylation Reactor –The final stage of evaporation will allow for a reactor-style evaporator accompanied by a tube and shell heat exchanger to recover the remaining amounts of solvent from the extract. During this process, the agitated evaporator can be used to decarboxylate the cannabinoids before distillation.

Membrane Solvent Removal – Utilizing spiral wound membrane technology membranes can separate ethanol used for extraction from the cannabis oil. This process yields the same result as traditional evaporative technology by removing 90% of the extraction solvent and leaving behind the micelle cannabis extract. This process is more than 80% more efficient than evaporative technology allowing the user to remove and recover bulk solvent without the power and utility requirements that traditional evaporative technology uses.

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