Solvent Storage Tanks



  • SS304 construction
  • ASME certified for specific applications
  • Complete sanitary design
  • Internal RA surface finish ≤0.2um
  • Designed with no dead corners
Solvent Storage Tank


Solvent storage tanks are an essential component in the cannabis extraction process, particularly for extraction methods that use solvents such as ethanol or hydrocarbon. These tanks are used to store large quantities of the solvent used in the extraction process, ensuring a steady and reliable supply of the solvent.

Solvent storage tanks also play a critical role in maintaining the safety of the extraction process by providing a secure and contained location for storing the solvent.

These tanks are often equipped with advanced safety features such as pressure relief valves and alarms to prevent over-pressurization and alert operators in case of any potential hazards.

Cannabis and hemp extraction typically involves the use of solvents like butane, propane, and ethanol. 

Solvent storage tanks are designed to hold solvents safely to be used for extraction and recovered afterward.

Solvent storage tanks are made from stainless steel to ensure integrity and resistant to corrosion. To ensure workers’ safety and the final product’s quality, it is essential to use high-quality solvent storage tanks designed specifically for cannabis and hemp extraction.

Solvent storage tanks are used to hold clean solvents that will be used for extracting cannabis or hemp material. They also store pure solvent after recovering from the extract solution.

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